Welcome to Pickyreaders!


The purpose of this wiki is to help middle school students and faculty choose books that they will enjoy. We are all busy people and have many choices competing for our free time. If you think of reading as one of those things you have to do, you won't even consider reading as a choice for your free time. When you find just the right book, reading will be something you get to do.


Some of you are convinced that you don't like to read. Your conviction may be based upon what you have had to read -- textbooks, fiction books that the entire class had to read, or books that were on a teacher generated list. It makes all the difference in the world if you get to choose what you read! Think about the difference between what your parents would choose for you to eat and what you would choose. Choice can make reading fun. This wiki will help you find and choose books you will like.


You also need to realize that you don't always have to read an entire book! If you choose a book to read independently, and you don't like it after the first 2-3 chapters, close it. You have permission to NOT FINISH that book. Prepare for this to happen. Check out several books so that you will have some alternatives -- other choices available to you right then and there. Don't just quit reading!

Parents Make the Difference!

How to get your kid to be a fanatic readerby James Patterson