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Take a Reading Counts Quiz -- for Carver Middle School, Tulsa, OK. Also, these quizzes can only be taken at at school.

This is for Reading Counts Administrators at Carver.

This is for Carver Reading Counts administrators.

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Some professionals believe that it is a mistake to reward students for reading because they know that reading is inherently rewarding. Reading is inherently rewarding, but . . . if you want students figure that out for themselves and to choose to read in their free time rather than watch t.v., play, visit with friends, talk on the phone, etc. (Think: Opportunity Cost), you need to get them started reading in the first place.
Some students aren't "sold" on reading because their experience has been limited to reading textbooks or books that the entire class read. When they have gone to the library to check out a book, they didn't find anything "good." Everytime they "had to" read a book for class, they had to do some project to go with it. Should we wait around until these students figure out that reading is inherently rewarding?
Some students were avid readers until . . .