Book Finding Strategies

The goal is to help you to find books you will like and to avoid books you won't like. Sound good? Here we go . . .

Strategy #1
Ask friends! You will probably like some of the books your friends recommend. You will like books suggested by some friends better than others. That's just because you like different things. You will learn who to ask.

Strategy #2
Check out at least 3 books when you go to the library. Hopefully you will have at least one book that you will like.

Divergent is set in a dystopian* world. Society is composed of five factions. Candor (the honest), Abdegnation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Children live with and are raised by their parents who could be one of any of the factions. At 16 you choose which faction you will be a part of. Many automatically choose what they know -- they choose the faction they were raised in. Whatever you choose, it's for life. If you choose a different faction, you will move and might not see your family after that. Your life will be extremely changed. This is a page turning thriller. If you liked Matched by Allison Condie, you will probably like Divergent and its sequel Insurgent.

*Dystopia -- People tried to establish a utopia or perfect world; however, unexpected consequences occur resulting in a strange, dysfunctional world.